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Minty Slimes

Berry Froyo Floam

Berry Froyo Floam

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The Berry Froyo Floam by Minty Slimes is a delightful addition to their line of Slime creations. This product is perfect for Slime enthusiasts looking for a unique sensory experience. The texture of this slime is both squishy and crunchy, creating a satisfying and gratifying play experience. The vibrant colors of the Berry Froyo Floam, combined with the sweet rainbow sherbet scent, add to its appeal. As with all Minty Slimes products, the Berry Froyo Floam is carefully made with high-quality ingredients to ensure a long-lasting and enjoyable Slime play. With its exceptional texture and delightful scent, this slime is a must-have for any Slime lover.

Texture: Floam

Scent: Rainbow Sherbet

Add-ins: N/A

Size: 6oz


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