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Minty Slimes

Birthday Waffles

Birthday Waffles

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Minty Slimes Birthday Waffles - Premium Slime Introducing Minty Slimes Birthday Waffles – a must-have for all slime enthusiasts celebrating a special day! Made with love by Minty Slimes, this premium slime combines a delightful scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls with a vibrant color palette that screams celebration. Each jar is packed with soft, stretchy, and non-sticky slime that provides endless hours of fun and sensory satisfaction. The unique selling point of Birthday Waffles is its ability to create satisfying swirls, bubbles, and fluffy textures, allowing you to experience a visually and tactilely stimulating slime. Get ready to celebrate with our Birthday Waffles slime – the perfect gift for birthdays or any occasion!

Texture: DIY Clay

Scent: Cinnamon Roll

Add-ins: Clay waffles, whipped cream & "syrup"

Size: 6oz + inflation


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