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Minty Slimes

Butterfly Elixir

Butterfly Elixir

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Butterfly Elixir - Magical Slime by Minty Slimes (Default Title) Introducing the enchanting Butterfly Elixir, a mesmerizing creation brought to you by the renowned brand Minty Slimes. Falling under the 'Slime' category, this delightful product combines the best of science, creativity, and fun. Each jar is filled with a captivating concoction that transforms ordinary playtime into an extraordinary experience. The Butterfly Elixir features a smooth and stretchy texture, perfect for satisfying tactile stimulation and imaginative play. Its vibrant colors mirror the graceful hues found in nature, exuding a sense of wonder with every squeeze. Watch in awe as iridescent flecks shimmer and dance, imitating the movement of beautiful butterflies fluttering their delicate wings. Minty Slimes' Butterfly Elixir is expertly crafted using non-toxic ingredients, ensuring safety for users of all ages. This stimulating slime is not only an engaging sensory experience but also an excellent tool for stress relief and relaxation. It helps boost creativity while promoting sensory exploration, making it ideal for both kids and adults alike. With its magical allure and attention to detail, the Butterfly Elixir stands out in the market, offering a unique and captivating experience for slime enthusiasts. Unlock a world of imaginative possibilities with Minty Slimes' Butterfly Elixir - the ultimate slime that brings joy and wonder with every magical squish.

Texture: Pigmented Clear

Scent: N/A - preserves clarity

Add-ins: Butterfly & Blue Glitter

Size: 6oz


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