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Minty Slimes

Cotton Candy Frost

Cotton Candy Frost

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Minty Slimes Cotton Candy Frost - A Fluffy Slime Sensation! The Minty Slimes Cotton Candy Frost is a delightful addition to our extensive collection of premium slimes. This mesmerizing slime is crafted with utmost care and expertise, designed to provide you with hours of sensory fun. Made by Minty Slimes, a trusted brand in the world of slimes, this product delivers a unique sensory experience. Experience the lightweight and fluffy texture of Cotton Candy Frost as it sizzles and fluffs easily in your hands. Its vibrant colors and sweet fragrance will transport you to a whimsical world. As you play with this incredibly satisfying slime, you'll discover its remarkable ability to hold its shape, making it perfect for creating intricate designs and molds. Our Cotton Candy Frost slime is also non-sticky and leaves no residue behind, ensuring a clean and mess-free experience. It is carefully formulated with high-quality materials, making it safe for children and adults alike. Unleash your creativity and relieve stress with this fantastic slime that provides endless entertainment. Bring the joy of a carnival to your home with Minty Slimes Cotton Candy Frost. Immerse yourself in a relaxing and enchanting experience, guaranteed to please all slime enthusiasts with its cotton candy scent. Don't miss out on this fluffy and dreamy sensory delight - order your Cotton Candy Frost slime today from Minty Slimes!

Texture: Icee

Scent: Cotton candy

Add-ins: Pink + Blue Glitter & Pink Circle Fimos

Size: 6oz


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