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Minty Slimes

Cotton Candy Tea

Cotton Candy Tea

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Cotton Candy Tea – A Beautiful and Crunchy Slime Sensation by Minty Slimes. Introducing our Cotton Candy Tea, a delightful and scrumptious slime creation brought to you by Minty Slimes. This magical slime combines the enchanting aroma of cotton candy with the thrill of playing with slime. Dive into a world of ASMR perfection as you stretch, squish, and mold this handcrafted delight. Made with love, this slime offers a sensory experience like no other, providing hours of entertainment and relaxation. Embrace the unique selling point of Cotton Candy Tea and let the mesmerizing texture and captivating scent transport you to a whimsical land of fluffy goodness.

Texture: Thickie

Scent: Bubblegum Cotton Candy

Add-ins: Marshmallow & Foam Beads

Size: 6oz 


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