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Minty Slimes

Pink Buttercream

Pink Buttercream

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Indulge your senses with Minty Slimes' Pink Buttercream Slime! This delightful creation brings the fun and satisfying experience of playing with slime to a whole new level. Expertly crafted by Minty Slimes, this charming pink slime is a must-have for any slime enthusiast. Made with care and precision, the Pink Buttercream Slime features a soft and stretchable texture that provides endless hours of tactile enjoyment. Its mesmerizing appearance, resembling a fluffy dollop of pink buttercream frosting, is sure to captivate both children and adults alike. Minty Slimes takes pride in producing high-quality slimes, ensuring a non-sticky and durable formula that is easy to mold and shape. Simply squeeze, stretch, and manipulate this Pink Buttercream Slime to unleash your creativity. What sets Pink Buttercream Slime apart is its unique fragrance, reminiscent of the irresistibly sweet aroma of freshly whipped buttercream. This sensory experience enhances the joy and relaxation while playing with this incredibly satisfying slime. Whether you're seeking a stress-reliever, an entertaining activity, or a unique gift, the Pink Buttercream Slime by Minty Slimes is the ideal choice. Join the worldwide slime craze and indulge in the enchanting world of Minty Slimes with this superb Pink Buttercream Slime!

Texture: Butter

Scent: Pink Sugar

Add-ins: Red, White, Light Pink, & Bright Pink Circle sprinkles

Size: 6oz


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