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Minty Slimes

DIY Pizza

DIY Pizza

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Introducing DIY Pizza Slime by Minty Slimes, perfect for all slime enthusiasts who love customizing their own creations! This one-of-a-kind slime kit allows you to make your very own pizza-inspired slime at home. Get ready to knead, stretch, and savor the delightful sensation of creating your own culinary-themed slime masterpiece. Minty Slimes' DIY Pizza Slime kit includes high-quality ingredients and you can unleash your creativity by mixing vibrant colors, scents, and glitters to design a slime that looks just like a delicious pizza! With this kit, you can enjoy the therapeutic process of crafting a dough-like base, adding savory toppings, and the satisfying stretchiness of the final finished slime. With its unique selling point, Minty Slimes has created an innovative product that combines the joy of slime-making with the delicious aesthetics of a pizza. Engage your senses as you shape and mold the slime, capturing the essence of a freshly baked pie. The DIY Pizza Slime kit is a fantastic gift option for slime enthusiasts, crafters, and pizza lovers alike. Indulge in the world of DIY slime and let your imagination run wild with Minty Slimes' DIY Pizza Slime.

Texture: DIY Clay

Scent: N/A

Add-ins: Clay, 1oz red slime, & plastic snow+yellow beads

Size: 6oz


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