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Minty Slimes

Lemonade Freeze

Lemonade Freeze

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Minty Slimes Lemonade Freeze Slime - Stretchy and Scented Slime for Endless Fun Introducing Minty Slimes Lemonade Freeze, a refreshing addition to our mesmerizing Slime collection. Immerse yourself in the tangy goodness of Lemonade Freeze Slime, expertly handmade by our skilled crafters. This delightful Slime offers a unique sensory experience - stretchy, squishy, and scented with the delightful aroma of fresh lemonade. The Lemonade Freeze Slime by Minty Slimes is carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients to achieve the perfect texture and consistency. Stretch it, pull it, and watch it ooze between your fingers. The mesmerizing lemonade scent adds an extra layer of enjoyment, transporting you to a summer day filled with icy-cold refreshment. Our Lemonade Freeze Slime stands out in the Slime market with its remarkable stretchiness and long-lasting durability. It provides endless hours of entertainment for both kids and adults, making it an ideal gift for Slime enthusiasts. Add a pop of vibrant yellow to your Slime collection with Minty Slimes Lemonade Freeze. Unleash your creativity, relieve stress, or simply enjoy the tactile sensation of this remarkable Slime. Get ready to experience the ultimate sensory delight, courtesy of Minty Slimes Lemonade Freeze.

Texture: Jelly/Icee (Freeze)

Scent: Lemon Tart & Candy Concoction

Add-ins: Lemon Sprinkle Mix

Size: 6oz


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