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Minty Slimes

Lemonade Twist

Lemonade Twist

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Minty Slimes Lemonade Twist - Refreshingly Fun Slime Experience Embrace the delightful Lemonade Twist by Minty Slimes - a top-tier addition to our Slime collection. This invigorating concoction combines the tangy essence of freshly squeezed lemons with the coolness of a summer breeze. Handcrafted with precision, each jar of Lemonade Twist is a burst of joy, inviting you to indulge in a unique and sensory experience. Our Lemonade Twist boasts a fluffy and crunchy texture, making it the ideal stress-reliever and leisure companion. With its vibrant yellow color, it exudes an alluring charm, visually mimicking the refreshing feel of an ice-cold glass of lemonade. Kids and adults alike will find themselves captivated by the charm and versatility of this enchanting slime. Standout features of our Lemonade Twist include its enticing lemon scent, which further enhances the immersive sensory experience. Moreover, the non-sticky formula ensures hassle-free, mess-free play, allowing you to enjoy the magical properties of slime without any inconvenience. Indulge in a refreshing twist on traditional slime sensations with Minty Slimes' Lemonade Twist. Perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment, this versatile and captivating slime delivers endless hours of entertainment and relaxation. Order your jar of Lemonade Twist today and savor a truly delightful slime experience.

Texture: DIY ButterFizz

Scent: Pink Lemonade & Lemon

Add-Ins: Pink & Yellow Glitter, clay piece

Size: 6oz + inflation 


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