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Minty Slimes

Mint Marshmallow Cookie

Mint Marshmallow Cookie

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Mint Marshmallow Cookie Slime by Minty Slimes Indulge in the fluffy and squishy Mint Marshmallow Cookie Slime by Minty Slimes. This innovative slime creation is a delightful treat for all slime enthusiasts. With its delightful minty scent and irresistible texture, this slime offers a unique and enjoyable sensory experience. The Mint Marshmallow Cookie Slime is meticulously crafted with precision to ensure a satisfyingly stretchy and pliable texture. Made with high-quality ingredients, it is non-toxic and safe for kids and adults alike. Dive into the world of pleasant slime play with Mint Marshmallow Cookie Slime, designed to captivate and entertain. Experience the perfect blend of mint, marshmallow, and cookie flavors in every stretch and squish.

Texture: DIY Snow Clay

Scent: Vanilla & Peppermint

Add-ins: Clay cookie, cookie fimos, heart fimos, linear rainbow sprinkles, brown circular sprinkles, teal glitter

Size: 6oz+clay piece (can inflate twice its size)


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