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Minty Slimes

Raspberry Melon Pan

Raspberry Melon Pan

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Melon Pan Quantity

Introducing the Raspberry Melon Pan slime by Minty Slimes! This delightful slime is a perfect addition to any slime lover's collection. The unique blend of watermelon scents creates a refreshing and tantalizing aroma. Made from high-quality ingredients, this slime has a satisfying and stretchy texture, perfect for hours of sensory play. With its vibrant pink color and adorable packaging, it makes for a great gift option. The Melon Pan Quantity comes in either one or two, allowing you to choose the perfect amount. Get your hands on the Raspberry Melon Pan slime today and enjoy the ultimate slime experience!

Texture: DIY Clay

Scent: Watermelon

Add-ins: Clay melon pan(s) (Saran wrapped)

Size: 6oz+Clay piece(s)


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