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Minty Slimes

Tiffany’s Krispies

Tiffany’s Krispies

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Tiffany’s Krispies - A Crunchy, Satisfying Slime Sensation by Minty Slimes Introducing Tiffany’s Krispies, a unique and irresistible addition to your slime collection. Created by the renowned Minty Slimes brand, this delightful slime offers a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. Crafted with precision, Tiffany’s Krispies showcases a satisfyingly crunchy texture that will captivate your senses. Experience the out-of-this-world crunch when you squeeze, stretch, and mold this amazing slime. Its mesmerizing crackling sounds are sure to provide hours of entertainment and relaxation. Made with love and high-quality ingredients, Minty Slimes ensures a safe and non-toxic playtime with Tiffany’s Krispies. Tiffany’s Krispies is the ultimate stress-reliever, perfect for those seeking a unique and fulfilling sensory experience. Elevate your slime collection today with Tiffany’s Krispies by Minty Slimes.

Texture: White Glue Slushee

Scent: Peppermint

Add-ins: Teal glitter & multicolored heart sprinkles

Size: 6oz


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