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Minty Slimes

Tiffany's Macaroon

Tiffany's Macaroon

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Tiffany's Macaroon - A Delectable Slime Delight by Minty Slimes Introducing Tiffany's Macaroon, a delightful and irresistible slime creation by Minty Slimes! This exquisite slime product is perfect for all slime enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Indulge in the soft and squishy texture of Tiffany's Macaroon, carefully crafted to resemble the famed French pastry. Dive into the mesmerizing swirls of pastel colors, creating a visually stunning experience for slime lovers. This Minty Slimes masterpiece is meticulously handmade using premium quality ingredients, ensuring a satisfying and long-lasting slime experience. Stretch, squeeze, and squish to your heart's content, as Tiffany's Macaroon is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and stress relief. Made with love, Tiffany's Macaroon by Minty Slimes is the epitome of innovation in the slime category. Experience the joy of playing with this delectable creation and add Tiffany's Macaroon to your slime collection today!

Texture: DIY SnowButter (small cloud creme layer w/ clay slime on top)

Scent: Peppermint 

Add-ins: Clay Piece

Size: 6oz + clay piece


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