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Minty Slimes

Unicorn Dream Cream

Unicorn Dream Cream

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Unicorn Dream Cream - Magical and Colorful Slime by Minty Slimes Introducing Unicorn Dream Cream, an enchanting and whimsical slime created by Minty Slimes. This delightful product falls under the 'Slime' category and is sure to captivate users with its unique qualities. Made with love and care, Unicorn Dream Cream is a carefully crafted slime that combines a dreamy texture with vibrant colors, making it a perfect sensory toy for children and adults alike. Its soft and stretchy consistency provides endless hours of tactile enjoyment, while the mesmerizing swirls and glittery hues add an element of magic to playtime. Experience the joy of Unicorn Dream Cream and let your imagination run wild.

Texture: Cloud Creme

Scent: Vanilla 

Add-ins: Rainbow Sprinkles & Unicorn (flat-back) charm

Size: 6oz 


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