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Minty Slimes

Winter Berry Crunch

Winter Berry Crunch

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Winter Berry Crunch - A Refreshingly Fun Slime Experience by Minty Slimes Experience the enchanting sensation of Winter Berry Crunch, a delightful creation brought to you by Minty Slimes. This slime variant in the Slime category is perfect for anyone seeking a unique and satisfying sensory experience. Immerse yourself in the delightful texture and captivating aroma, reminiscent of a winter wonderland. With its carefully crafted combination of scents and beads, this slime offers a visually stunning appearance and a satisfying crunch. Its premium quality and long-lasting formula ensure hours of playtime fun. Winter Berry Crunch by Minty Slimes is a must-have addition to any slime enthusiast's collection.

Texture: Full Floam

Scent: Candy Concoction

Add-ins: Blue & White foam beads + Blue Glitter 

Size: 6oz 


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